The “VIDEONE” product system provides foundational technology architecture and high-level comprehensive applications of video



With experiences in the video monitoring industry for over 10 years, NetPosa has grasped plentiful video technologies and understandings on video applications. Today, with the quick development of video applications, based on the application fields such as public security, traffic, judicature, social site and home, NetPosa constructs “VIDEONE” product system.





The whole “VIDEONE” product series include 6 product lines and over 40 software and hardware products and cover all video application fields. The products in the “VIDEONE” can be applied independently and purposefully. Whole solutions can be deployed for different application scenarios. The corresponding practical video application combinations can be customized for different application scales in provinces, cities and districts/counties.





Full-service solution to video applications

With “VIDEONE” product system, a solution can be customized to cover the full-service video application, including:

a. Video collection: the product can connect different video collection devices, providing customized intelligent hardware according to the business requirements such as UAV, photography robot and intelligent glass;

b. Video network: the product is compatible to connection with the coder/decoder, matrix, warning host and hard-disk video recorder. It is compatible to video network platform of different manufacturers, integrating social video resources seamlessly and pushing the integrated video resources to the dedicated video network;

c. Video storage: By using the distributed storage architecture, the product can optimize the storage of video, snapshot and structural information respectively and establish the indexing relationship;

d. Intelligent video analysis: The “VIDEONE” provides 37 intelligent video analysis algorithms. By using these algorithms, users can select the key information from the videos and solve the conflictions between the massive video analysis and limited persons efficiently;

e. Application of video big data: By using the open algorithm in engine loading, this product can apply third party video analyzing and data mining algorithms. Configured with advanced video cloud computing technology, it performs structural processing for the massive video by using the intelligent analysis algorithm, stores texts, images, original videos and key videos on the cloud. It can retrieve 10 billion structural data in seconds by using the retrieval engine independently developed by NetPosa, realize non-structural intelligent retrieval such as face checking, map searching, and rule retrieving by using the cloud computing technology, determine and predict the massive information by using the deep data mining technology;

f. Comprehensive vide application: For the application scenarios such as emergency commanding, video monitoring, society management, public security and intelligent home, this product provides a complete and advanced device system that meets the business flow;

g. Big operation and maintenance management: This product can clean the whole-network assets, monitor the resource operating status and effectively assesses asset, monitoring, operation and maintenance conditions via uniform alarm representation, diversified reporting modes and standardized service flow.


Open technology architecture

“VIDEONE” features the best compatibilities and scalabilities, including:

a. Access end: This product can support different video collection equipment, video networking equipment and isomeric platform;

b. Hardware resource: This product can support both virtualized equipment and isomeric system equipment. It can manage different cloud computing resources cross the platforms, and protect the user hardware investment to the most extent;

c. Video analysis algorithm: This product can connect third-party algorithms and support dynamic loading of algorithms via defining algorithm interface standard;

d. Business customization: This product can provide standard service interfaces, facilitating third-party to use the video resources and compute comparative resources. It can realize quick customization response to user businesses by calling standard video services and intelligent algorithms via the interfaces.


Cloud architecture system oriented to video big data

The cloud architecture system is based on the requirements of the video big data business applications. It uses the distributed file system and database technologies, realizing storing (monitoring video, file and structural data), computing (video analysis, image enhancement, and feature comparison), retrieving (structural retrieval and non-structural retrieval) and deep mining of massive video images, and support EB capacity and 100 billion structural data application.