NetPosa video investigation product series depends on the powerful video decoding technologies, intelligent video analysis technology and intelligent video retrieval technology


Based on the practice business requirements of the video investigation for public security, NetPosa video investigation product series depends on the powerful video decoding technologies, intelligent video analysis technology and intelligent video retrieval technology, closely complies with the actual business flow of the investigation and case solution, and realizes the integrated management of video view, digest, retrieval, processing, editing and storage by using tools such as Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player, Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis, Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment and Power Video Investigation - Video Image Processing System. The Video Investigation Cloud Platform and Bayonet Large Data Analysis platform can realize cloud computing, storage, retrieval and mining of massive video information based on NetPosa video cloud platform, so they can meet the requirements of the structural description of video images, video image processing, quick video retrieval, intelligent video analysis and big data processing of video images. As one important technology support means in the video investigation, the NetPosa video investigation product series can free massive manned guarding from video processing, shorten the crime evidence search time, effectively improve the whole case solution efficiency, and completely improve the capacity of the public security authorities to prevent and control criminal activities by using the video image resources.






Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment

The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment is designed as the portable box, passes the security detection of the Ministry of Public Security, can effectively avoid vibration, dust and dampness in transport, and adapt different environments for continuous operation in 7x24 hours.

The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment is a case work device which integrates two kernel technologies of digest compression and fusion and video content retrieval and comparison and combines the video investigation and case management flow. This analyzer can effectively extract moving targets in the original video, reduce reading time of the original videos, provide video retrieval function, quickly locate the suspicious targets, and extract the focused sections and mark it.

a. Case management The case management supports to describe cases from different dimensions, including case number, case property, case type and investigation and solution state.

b. Resource management The resource management function can add monitoring points, import video files, calibrate OSD and set video interval, collection time, collection site, remark and details.
c. Digest management The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment can remove the original monitoring video without moving targets to only reserves the video with moving targets and overlapping the original moving targets in different intervals to play under same background. Users can adjust the overlapping density according to the actual conditions. At most 5 overlapping levels are supported.

d. Video retrieval The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment provides multiple video retrieval modes such as intelligent rule, target color, person and vehicle separation, time domain selection, color separation and graphic retrieval and can improve retrieval accuracy and efficiency of suspicious targets by combination of multiple retrieval modes and second retrieval.

e. Clue management To click the suspicious target in watching of the digest video, the Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment can automatically locate this target in the original video and play this video section. After confirmation, the analyzer can generate clues, including text description, image cutting and video packet.

f. Trace determination The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment can mark the camera position, angle and direction on the online map and clearly display the time and space trace clearly of the suspicious targets before and after a case by combing the occurrence time of the suspicious targets at different monitoring points.

g. Associated comparison The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment supports to play four original video packets, can control play of each video such as quick forward, quick backward, frame forward and frame backward. After any suspicious target is found, the related videos can be cut and the clues can be downloaded.

h. Compressed play The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment supports to set the interested area. When no moving target passes this area, the analyzer can play the video at 16-time speed. When a moving target passes this area, the analyzer can normally or slowly play the video.

i. Mark images The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment supports to mark the key targets in the images in a graphic and text manner.

j. Report cases The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment can automatically generate the case report with specified format according to investigation and solution process for basic case information, video resources and monitoring point information in cases, case clue and case conclusions.

k. Non-linear editing of case video The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment supports to mark and automatically track the targets in the case videos and tailor and splice the case videos.

l. Compare vehicle types The Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment can compare the vehicles in the case-involved videos with the sample vehicles in the vehicle type library in a 2D and 3D manner to assist vehicle type recognition in case investigation and solution. m. 3D measurement A 3D coordinate can be established in the Power Video Investigation - Analysis Policy Equipment via field environment measurement to compute the actual size of the target in the case-involved videos.


Video Investigation Cloud Platform

The Video Investigation Cloud Platform is suitable for solution of critical cases and management of minor cases, can realize central storage management of the cases and case-involved resource information by using the cloud computing and big data analysis technology, and meets determination and management of routine cases and collaborative investigation of big and critical cases. The platform provides multiple intelligent analysis algorithms, can quickly analyze and mine the videos, standardize information management, structural video extraction and characteristic target marking, quickly search and read information and string and analyze cases, quickly share resource information, manage multi-flow tasks, and meet multiple case transaction scenarios. The platform features diversified application scenarios, support for multi-level distributed deployment, quick video processing and retrieval, efficient work commanding and deployment, orderly collaboration and convenient resource sharing. Case management The platform can add, delete and change case information, input, edit and inquiry the case name, case property, alarm time, case site, investigation and solution state and brief case description, string cases based on the input information, and manage the case strings.

a. Determination and analysis The determination and analysis module includes the main tools for video investigation such as video digest, intelligent retrieval, map peeling, face recognition, nameplate recognition, offline map, vehicle type retrieval and fuzzy processing, and can improve search efficiency of the case-involved suspicious targets.

b. String and comparison The platform can compare cases and case-involved information in a manual and automatic manner, assist users to find the cases with same or similar information, and string the cases.

c. Vehicle analysis The platform can compare and analyze the vehicle data information, including vehicle tracing analysis, collision analysis, frequency analysis, first entry to city, settlement site analysis, hidden vehicle mining, frequent vehicle passing, and hiding at night and coming out at day.

d. Cross-area case search The cross-area case search module can string cases to associate these cases, search and trace the cases cross different areas, and share case information when multiple cases happen in different areas.

e. Big data convergence The networking platform cross the departments, provinces, cities and countries will be constructed. The platform can summarize the data, monitor and display case occurrence rate, solution information, occurrence probability of criminal cases in different areas in real time, and can display cases in different areas via visual graph.

f. Comprehensive search The platform can realize full-text retrieval for all data information. The superior can read the data from the inferior platform and realize full-text retrieval in case of hierarchical deployment.

g. Data statistics The data statistics module can summarize, analyze and compare multiple data, can summarize cases and case-involved information by area, unit/user and month, generate the statistics reports, display them via distribution diagram and trend diagram, and integrate the statistical results into the routine video investigation work report.

h. Supervision of big and critical cases The platform can classify the cases. For the routine cases, the local case transaction unit can handle the cases by using the Video Investigation Platform. The big and critical cases can be reported to the superior unit via the hierarchical case reporting function. When the case level escalates to certain level, the case can be reported to the Ministry-level platform and the case transaction flow supervised by the security department will start.

i. Information publication and sharing The information can be published between the superior and inferior platforms and inside local platforms. After the publishing scope is selected, the command information will be broadcasted, e.g. latest video investigation information, resource update information inside the public security industry and video skill practices.

j. Convergence of external resources The data from the external platform system can be read via the platform access interface, e.g. public security service comprehensive application platform, PGIS and 8 library system, so the platform can realize comprehensive associated comparison and comprehensive analysis.


Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player

The Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player is a professional player which is developed by NetPosa for video investigation and is free software provided to the public security industry. This player is compatible to over 80 video formats, supports over 600 video coding modes, and is the player supporting the most decoding formats. This player can solve the problem that the different video formats are read by different players. The video decoding player can play videos on multiple windows by sections, can adjust and zoom the images, download and mark the clue images, and tailor and splice the clue videos.

a. Decode and play videos When the Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player is playing videos, it can realize multiple playing modes such as quick, slow, previous, next, A/B circle and intelligent selection.

b. Play on multiple windows The player can play videos on single window, four windows, nine windows and sixteen windows and control single window and all windows by controlling switch button.

c. Screenshot The Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player supports screenshot of playing videos, can define storage path, and support to mark screenshot images.

d. Capture video The Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player supports to capture the playing videos, quickly select captured video sections via time axis, and select the video storage format or converted standard video format.

e. Service center The player supports to score the Power Video Investigation - Power Express Player via the service center, propose use recommendations, and upload failed videos and images for fuzzy processing.

f. Online upgrade The player supports online upgrade via Internet and public security intranet.


Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis

The Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis is one special video high-speed downloading and collection tool, which is developed by NetPosa to solve the problem of diversified types and models of the video storage devices (DVR, NVR and IPSAN) in case collection and downloading during investigation and solution of the public security cases. This tool can uniformly manage multiple digital video monitoring and storage devices and provide functions such as video query, pre-view and massive downloading. This tool features small volume, high storage capacity, multi-thread and multi-channel high-speed downloading, unattended operation and simple operation and can solve low-efficiency collection of massive videos and recorded images.

a. Multiple collection modes The Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis supports multiple collection modes such as SD card interface, USB interface, network connection and VGA screen duplication.

b. Compatibility to multi-brand devices The Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis is compatible to digital video monitoring and storage devices of over 60 brands. After an operator only fills the IP address of storage device, user and password information, this tool can automatically recognize the related device information.

c. Preview monitoring videos The Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis includes the built-in NetPosa video image decoder, can view videos, and check if the videos to download are correct.

d. Copy screen The collected videos may fail to play and the interfaces of the old devices may be damaged in case video collection. To deal with these cases, the Power Video Investigation - Video Download Analysis can provide screen copying function, regard self as the display of the monitoring device, and record the information on the screen.


Power Video Investigation - Video Image Processing System

The Power Video Investigation - Video Image Processing System is developed by NetPosa to optimize the videos, images and image series and get more valuable information by using the image processing algorithm when the video images are low-quality and fuzzy and the key target information in the video images can not be effectively extracted in the vide investigation. The Power Video Investigation - Video Image Processing System provides routine processing functions and advanced processing functions according to the processing type of the images.

a. Routine processing The routine processing can improve old visual effect of images via the geometric conversion, image filter, image feature, image calculation, image enhancement and image conversion morphology, so the displaying images can adapt the visual habits of users.

b. Advanced processing The advanced processing functions include over-resolution, fuzzy processing, image recovery, image fusion, noise processing, color processing, human image reconstruction, fog removal, color separation and low-luminance enhancement, can change the position, luminance and color of the image pixel points, reconstruct original images, and get information which can not be obtained in the past.


Case-Involved Video Image Management System

The case-involved video image management system is the storage management system for the case-involved video resources and can upload the video information, clue information, image information, map track information and case information to the video library via web client. Multiple cases can be stringed and analyzed via video retrieval and dictionary retrieval, so the system can assist the case transaction persons to quickly search case information, provide the interface with the existing public security business system, and serve for solution of big cases and management of minor cases.

a. Work platform The system provides flexible case operation module, supports to customize the personalized case view mode according to user requirements, collects and focuses on the cases.

b. Case management The case management module can add, change and delete cases, describe the case information in detail, support to upload the case-involved videos and image information, automatically compare and analyze cases according to the detailed case information, and string cases.

c. Work statistics The work statistics module can provide multiple statistics reports, summarize cases by input unit, input time and case state, display it in a trend diagram, and export or print the chart data.

d. Sharing query The platform supports to register and connect multiple case-involved video image management systems, share data from multiple platforms, and search case data from multiple systems by multiple search conditions.

e. System management The system management module can manage user information, user privilege, organization and frequent foundational information and support to publish notifications, news and achievements.


Video Investigation Lab

The video investigation is a new technical means to combine the modern science technologies such as video monitoring and network transport with the traditional investigation means. Based on the video monitoring, the video investigation explores the brand-new investigation mode from “image to image” and from “image to person” under support of modern information processing technologies and other investigation means by depending on computers and network information. With quick development of the video investigation technologies, the video investigation is playing more important role in case investigation and solution and the video investigation is gradually becoming the important routine technical means in the modern case investigation and solution. NetPosa video investigation lab is a construction scheme which complies with “Construction Task Proposal for Video Investigation Equipment Project of Criminal Technologies of National Public Security Authorities” and “Construction Specification for Video Investigation Technology Lab” and adapts the video investigation operation of the public security authorities. A comprehensive solution with the Video Investigation Cloud Platform as the core will be constructed at this video investigation lab, including video collection, video single-person processing and view and video storage tool.


Video Investigation Lab Schematic

a. Area division The video investigation lab is divided into comprehensive determination area, image processing area, data storage area and material evidence keeping area.

b. Image processing area This area mainly restores the degraded images, enhances image quality and focuses on image details by using the image processing system, so it can assists users to better mine useful information in images and provide clues or evidences for case investigation and solution.

c. Comprehensive determination area This area mainly reasons, determines, studies and discusses the case videos by using scientific methods based on the case site facts, video site investigation, survey and visiting, video information contents, digest view and results retrieval, so it can get the investigation clues and lawsuit evidences.

d. Data storage area This area stores the collected and read video information or backup video information in the cases.

e. Material evidence keeping area This area stores the electronic devices and storage mediums of case-involved video documents.





Video coding compatibility

Now over 80 video file formats and over 600 video file coding formats are supported on the market. Most video recording files can be decoded on the market, so it can solve low-efficiency play.


Multiple upgrade modes

The software can be upgraded via public security intranet and Internet, so users can easily update the versions under the premise of security guarantee.


Advanced video analysis and retrieval technology

With advanced video structure technology and intelligent video analysis algorithm, the mobile targets can be analyzed in the video and the structural information of this target can be extracted. Based on it, the system can search the video by vehicle information, face, intelligent rule, color and person-vehicle separation, assist to realize retrieval and comparison of suspicious targets in the video, and quickly search the clues.


Video cloud architecture

The distributed computing, distributed file system and distributed database technologies are used to realize parallel computing, resource on-demand use and dynamic task allocation and fully utilize the computing resources. On the one hand, it can improve single-task computing speed. On the other hand, it can realize parallel computing of multiple tasks, extremely improve the case investigation and solution, video determination and analysis efficiency.


Comprehensive analysis and determination of clues

The system provides multiple assisted video investigation means such as video digest, video reading, video retrieval, video editing, image mark and case association and comparison, assists case transaction persons to find the possible clues in the video, and realizes comprehensive analysis and determination of the case clues by sharing information with the site investigation system, comprehensive police system and fingerprint system.


Workflow for security practices

The system standardizes a series of video investigation flows from video collection to video review, command, scheduling and information sharing. The related persons in the case investigation and solution can effectively collaborate with each other via standardized workflow.