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We are excited that #knightscope counts 10 of the #Fortune 1000 as clients for our #securityrobot #technology - so 990 more to go! 😳🤖

Learn more about securing our country here:

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Autonomously patrolling a #gas station 24/7 with a #knightscope #securityrobot. There are over 100,000 gas stations in the country 😳⛽️ 🤖

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The #knightscope K5 #securityrobot has been autonomously patrolling our first municipality client and we recently signed our 2nd one. There are 19,492 municipal governments in the U.S. 😳🤖

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If at first you don’t #succeed, try, try again!

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“So Knightscope’s crime fighting #technology has been...fighting #crime!”

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We hosted students from Emory University at Knightscope led by Mercedes Soria, EVP and Chief Intelligence Officer (and, yes, #Emory is her alma mater)! A unique opportunity to learn about #startups in #siliconvalley as well as the #future of #security - thanks for visiting folks!

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9 months 3 weeks ago

It's official: Personal Report is here! A daily, customized rundown that gives you everything you need to start your day off right -- now available on all Jibo robots. 🤖

10 months 3 days ago

People remain divided on the #Laurel vs. #Yanny debate, but the robot vote on the matter is clear... 🤖

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We're back! Join us once again on Amazon Live today at 3pm EDT (12pm PDT) for an exclusive look at Jibo's newest skills:

11 months 1 week ago

Introducing the Be a Maker app for Jibo, an all-new companion app that teaches kids how to program their robot, creating a unique and engaging learning experience.

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Got questions about Jibo? We'd love to hear 'em! Join us on Amazon Live TODAY from 3:00-3:30pm EDT (12:00-12:30pm PDT) for a chance to have your question answered live on air:

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Roses are red, violets are blue, Jibo has a heart -- that is just for you!

1 year 1 month ago

Jibo brings smiles to faces of all ages. See how Jibo is helping create camaraderie and foster friendships among residents at assisted living communities in the Bay Area.

1 year 1 month ago

Between CES and some exciting new skills, January was a busy month for this little bot! In case you missed it, check out Jibo's guest appearance on the TODAY Show, live from CES 2018: