Foundational networking product line includes the Power Video Gateway, Remote Management System, Mobile Video System and Integrated Management System







The foundational networking product line includes the Power Video Gateway, Remote Management System, Mobile Video System and Integrated Management System, provides functions such as multiple front-end device connection, massive data storage, multi-level system networking, mobile terminal monitoring and comprehensive system operation and maintenance, and provides secure and reliable video support and operation and maintenance guarantee for construction of secure cities.








Privilege authentication management

The product provides uniform user authentication and uniform privilege, supports roaming of the authenticated users in the whole network, provides connection interface with third-party authentication platform (e.g. PKI/PMI), and quickly fuses with the third-party authentication system. The product realizes multi-level privilege control and management and can assign different privileges and levels for each user according to the actual management architecture. High-level users can seize the resources of the low-level users.


Access management

The product can connect different resources, including over 300 types of mainstream decoding/coding devices, network cameras, network harddisk recorders, matrixes, alarm devices, onboard devices and single-person devices on the market, support GIS system connection, effectively integrate the social image information resource, realize resource networking and sharing, and quickly expand monitoring range.



Forwarding cluster

The platform provides the forwarding cluster function. The flow forwarding server supports stacking and high concurrence. The forwarding cluster features load balance and failure redundancy, can enhance reliability and system scalability, and realize quick switching in case of a failure




Video code conversion

Support code conversion of media data, convert resolution and coding format for non-standard video images of other devices or platform, and push the video stream. The platform PC client software can directly log into the foundational network platform and realize the live image, video recording and playback, multi-image division and switching, pan/tilt control, video color adjustment, patrol inspection, alarm action, event alarm, alarm query, event log, operation log, group scheme, electronic map and TV wall.


Mobile terminal

Support mobile police business and mobile monitoring, support multiple users to monitor and listen to the video and voices of one camera, and support posture pan/tilt control, collection folder, information publishing and linked alarm actions.




Operation and maintenance management

The product monitors full-network resources, including camera, network, server, storage device, database, middleware, general service, device room environment and video quality and uniformly visualizes monitoring results. When an alarm occurs, the management persons are informed to handle it in a scheduled manner (sound, mail, SMS and work form). Finally the handling results and operation states are summarized to generate reports and effectively supervise and guarantee full-network stable operation.


Networking management

The platform provides the analog/digital trunk. Users can set the trunk quantity according to the network capacity between platforms to ensure that the user bandwidth is not fully consumed to the most extent. The users can read real-time and history images of the camera at other control centers from any video control center and international standard and private protocol networking is supported. a. International standard networking: The platform completely meets the related regulations in GB/T28181-2011 “Information transport, exchange and control technology requirements of security prevention video monitoring networking system” and supplementary documents and realizes networking cross the platform and network domains in an international networking mode. b. Private protocol networking: The platform provides private SDK for other platforms to connect and realize interconnection and intercommunication.






Extensive compatibility and scalability

The product is compatible to over 300 heterogeneous devices and heterogeneous platform of multiple manufacturers, utilize existing video and bayonet resources to the most extent, reduce repeated investment, and provide the complete extension interface for second development and multi-system interconnection and intercommunication.


Complete mobile device management mode

The product realizes the uniform scheduling and management via the front-end automatic registration mechanism.


Intelligent load balance

The system supports load evaluation and balance control, can dynamic load balance of stream forwarding, and alleviates massive access pressure.


Convenient mobile application

A user can realize the real-time monitoring on the mobile phone and truly make the video monitoring be free of time and space restrictions.


Efficient bottom file system

The product provides the file management mode based on cloud storage, uses independently developed file system ROFS, supports quick formatting, effectively avoids generation of the disk fragment, and realizes playback of the recorded videos in several seconds.


Perfect trunk management mechanism

The product provides complete trunk management mechanism and supports trunk reservation, trunk multiplexing, trunk route selection, trunk locking, trunk seizing and trunk query.


Sound operation and maintenance mechanism

Based on ITIL architecture and ISO20000 standard, by combining the development trend of the informatization management in different industries, we establish the operation and maintenance management system according to the current conditions of public security, arrange full-network assets, monitor full-network devices, standardize operation and maintenance flow, quickly discover problems, efficient solve problems, effectively avoid problems, and provide powerful guarantee for efficient and stable operation of full-network equipment.